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A Hidden View LLC is a leading provider of technology hardware integration services. Established with the aim of revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals access and secure their premises, our company offers state-of-the-art security cameras with off-site access capabilities, as well as expert audiovisual and low voltage integration solutions. At A Hidden View LLC, we understand that technology has become an integral part of everyday life and its rapid advancements have transformed the way we live and work. That's why we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our clients. Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about technology and dedicated to bringing innovation into every project.

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Low Voltage Integration

Seamless integration of low voltage systems into a larger system or network. With our solution, you can effortlessly connect and control various low voltage devices such as lighting, security systems, and audiovisual equipment, enhancing the overall functionality and efficiency of your system.


Surveillance Package

A comprehensive solution for securing your property. We use the latest technology to ensure that the cameras are connected to a central monitoring system, allowing you to keep an eye on your property from anywhere, at any time. With our surveillance camera installation service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected around the clock.


Audio / Video

We deliver Audiovisual installation that combines sound and visual elements to create an immersive experience. Designed to captivate and engage the audience, providing a unique and memorable sensory journey. This installation features high-quality audio speakers and state-of-the-art visual displays, ensuring a seamless integration of sound and visuals.

Our Client Roster

From our early days, we've been providing reliable service to our clientele.

We've had the honor of being the firm of choice of the following corporations:

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Mucky Duck

Walk-Ons Sports Bistreaux

Park & Rec Indy

"Low Voltage Integration is our expertise. We'll take care of it, so you can focus on your business."

Bryce White, CEO

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